Often the beginning of a new year stimulates our desire to create a fresh start.  We want to accomplish something, improve ourselves, create stronger relatonships, move up in our career, or find a new career.  We are apt to grow tired of our creeping dissatisfaction.  We want more.  Clients are most likely to enter therapy or hire a personal coach at this time than  any other time of the year.

Yet, how do we find the balance between wanting to be more and do more, but avoid the continual chase towards something perpetually beyond our grasp?  In other words, how do we know when we should be pushing ourselves to achieve more, or when we need to be still, opening our awareness up to what has been around us all along?

There are no easy answers.   I believe that when it comes to what we want in our lives, when we feel the need to choose between action and awareness, we must start with awareness.  We must take the time to be still, assess what and who is around us, noticing how we mesh with those in our environment.  Only then can we decide whether to move forward toward a goal, or create a broader goal to deepen the embrace of what, and who we already have.  When in doubt, action is more likely to grow from awareness.


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